About Us: Catalyzing Co-operative Innovation

Successful innovation is often the result of a co-operative partnership between large corporates, research institutes, academia and startups. Developing any new product, service or business model is difficult. Doing this in a partnership with organizations with different cultures is even more challenging. Teyi catalyzes these partnerships, bringing together partners with complementary knowhow and facilitating frictionless teamwork across cultural boundaries.

Teyi is focused primarily on applying innovative technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, X Reality, Blockchain, Cloud and Analytics to address UN Sustainable Development Goals. To deliver this service Teyi has led the development of Innovation Essentials, a high-level framework for supporting co-operative partnerships between corporates and startups. Teyi is also the founder and organizer of the Innovation Strategy Forum, an invitation-only network including 120+ leading innovation and strategy managers in 80+ large organizations in Sweden.

Reflecting the company’s goal to deliver exceptional performance, the name “Teyi” is inspired by a Mandarin Chinese expression meaning exceptionally good.