About Us

Teyi is a consulting company that helps build the bridge between large companies and startups. Teyi was founded in October 2014 with the intentions to support mature startups to succeed with their internationalisation. We are targeting startups that have proven themselves in their local market with paying customers. Taking the next steps to go global is a very crucial period for a startup and this is often where many startups fail.

Many large companies are today at risk of being outperformed by new companies with new and innovative ways of working. They could benefit tremendously from working closely together with the startup community to be able to pick up new ideas early and ideally find ways to collaborate with the startups. The startups on the other side often needs to verify their offerings at an early stage with their potential clients and thus could also benefit highly from a closer collaboration. How can we make those two worlds talk to each other more and in mutually beneficial ways? How can large companies harness the power of startup innovation? And how can startups take advantage of partnering with large organisations?

At Teyi, we are focused at providing support to help improve this collaboration. We have developed different services to facilitate meetings between the companies and startups that could be of high value to all involved. Based on our strong relationship to the startup community, we offer a brokering service in order to introduce suitable startups at the right time to their clients.

We specialise on innovation taking advantage of technologies such as Internet-Of-Things (IoT), Cloud and Analytics to find solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).

The name Teyi comes from Chinese and means exceptionally good. This was selected to be our mantra. In everything we do we strive to be exceptionally good and clearly outstanding.